Conscious Communications and Social Media Strategies

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In today’s global world, communications is singing a social media tune. Now more than ever, nonprofits and socially conscious businesses are benefiting as do-gooders flock to the web to change the way organizations serve the greater good. Nonprofit or fair profit, the medium is the message; the conscious connection is you. . .

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • Your social media channels

Yet, so many new social media tools can make you feel like you’re heading farther away from the original aim: to reach your community, to thrive, to grow.

How do you bring it all home?

You are an organization that stands for a worthy cause, socially conscious products, and fair services. I stand for the power of positive strategic writing, communications strategies, and social media programs to help you achieve your mission.


I Connect You

Ever play Twister? Turns out, the content & communications game is a lot like it. I focus on conscious solutions to connect the dots between brand promise and message, advocates and influencers, communities and cause. The winners are the players who navigate them nimbly and keep a keen balance between pro-social, fair-minded business goals and market demand. Even in a conscious business environment, the spinning arrow can point to the sustainable aim of the bottom line.

As a consummate communicator, I’ve connected the dots for passionate high-tech start-ups, documentary films, sustainable vineyards and farms, wineries and food festivals, and consciousness science institutes. I write and spread the good word about alternative healthcare, mind-body medicine, consciousness science (the science that connects us), food politics and sustainable business. As an early adopter of online technology, I get my hands gritty on the latest Web tools and social media mechanics, which gives me the agility and readiness to help you get started, get your staff up to speed, and guide you through the steps for optimal ROI.

Contact me to explore how we can positively power your social media strategy.

Enjoy my blog, content4good, for lessons in conscious writing and social content best practices that turn readers into advocates.


Heidi has stayed on the leading edge of technology, applying her experience with Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 “best practices” to create an integrated social media, publicity, and messaging strategy. Matthew Gilbert, Director of Communications, Institute of Noetic Sciences