Conscious Communications: Content Writing & Strategy

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“Heidi brought a unique style of writing to our our email campaigns, marketing materials, news, case studies, website and social media content. Her extensive knowledge of online communication and provocative writing style engages people to want to learn more. She has a great way of connecting with her audience and the results showed in how quickly she was able to build the Facebook participants to over 14,000.  Angela Murphy, Director of Marketing, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Heidi’s care in understanding our market audience underscores the success of the promotional material she wrote. She reinvented our communications strategy, overhauled our website, and published material that helped Havens better present our wines. Her work resulted in a 15 percent year-on-year increase in sales.” Michael Havens, Independent Wine Consultant

“Your pitch here is one of the best I have ever read.” Rich Cartiere, Wine Market Report


In today’s global community, communications is singing a social tune. Now more than ever, do-gooders are flocking to the web to help change the way organizations serve the greater good. Through public awareness, advocacy, social marketing, and community engagement, nonprofits and fair profits are making conscious connections through social media, websites, blogs, and online communities.

You are an organization that stands for a worthy cause, socially conscious products, and/or fair services. I stand for the power of positive strategic contents – the right messaging, the right writing, and the right mix of social marketing to help you achieve your mission.

Contact me to explore how the right writing can positively power your social marketing and communications strategy.


Heidi has stayed on the leading edge of technology, applying her experience with Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 “best practices” to create an integrated social media, publicity, and messaging strategy. Matthew Gilbert, Director of Communications, Institute of Noetic Sciences