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storytelling: writing to the heart calls a reader home



Today’s content writers are great storytellers. In social media, where everything is virtual, stories bring nonprofits and socially conscious organizations to life. With more people working, playing, socializing, and keeping each other company by interacting with flat, well-lighted screens, it turns out we’re there to connect in some pretty conscious, pro-social ways. We follow. We like. We make friends. We build communities. We share. And we tell our stories. All to reach the greatest extent of connection and meaning.

Also because stories are about unique experiences, they make you distinct. When you communicate or promote, instead of “just the facts,” tell a good story about a community you helped, a person who feels better, an animal that lives more fully, a piece of the world made more peaceful because you solved a problem.

What are your stories?

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“Heidi’s care in understanding our market audience underscores the success of the promotional material she wrote. She reinvented our communications strategy, overhauled our website, and published material that helped Havens better present our wines. Her work resulted in a 15 percent year-on-year increase in sales.” Michael Havens, Independent Wine Consultant

“Your pitch here is one of the best I have ever read.” Rich Cartiere, Wine Market Report

Heidi brought a unique style of writing to our our email campaigns, marketing materials, news, case studies, website and social media content. Her extensive knowledge of online communication and provocative writing style engages people to want to learn more. She has a great way of connecting with her audience and the results showed in how quickly she was able to build the Facebook participants to over 14,000.  Angela Murphy, Director of Marketing, Institute of Noetic Sciences